Stevens Airs New Ads Touting Accomplishments

Posted August 14, 2008 at 12:37pm

Embattled Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) on Thursday launched three new campaign ads as he turns toward the home stretch before the Aug. 26 primary.

Stevens, who was indicted July 29 on seven counts of filing false statements, faces six GOP challengers in the primary, including real estate developer David Cuddy and millionaire wildcard candidate Vic Vickers, an attorney, writer, former banking regulator and Florida maritime company owner. Cuddy has polled second behind Stevens in the contest, but Vickers is spending a large amount of his personal fortune on the race.

All three of the 30-second TV spots feature testimonials from Alaskans about Stevens’ clout, accomplishments and ability to help the state.

Stevens, the Senate’s longest-serving Republican, even jumps on the change message bandwagon in one ad that features various testimonials from Alaskans.

“People talk about change, Sen. Stevens has already been changing Alaska for over 40 years,” Danny Seybert says in the spot.

Another resident, Gene Strong, describes Stevens as “down-to-earth, honest, forthright.”

In a statement, Stevens said his campaign is emphasizing a positive message and made no mention of his legal woes.

“Our focus is on my track record of delivering results for Alaskans and my vision for our state going forward. That is what this election is about,” he said in a statement released by his campaign.

Provided Stevens survives the primary, he faces a November showdown with Anchorage Mayor Mark Begich (D), the son of the late Rep. Nick Begich (D).

“I wouldn’t change out my Senator right now for a bet on anything,” says Steve Hites, who is featured at length in another spot.

The ad ends with this testimonial from Mary Ann Jones: “And without Ted, we’re toast.”

See a video of the Stevens ad here.