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Food Can Be Found, if You Know Where to Look

For media, delegates and other personnel attending the Democratic National Convention in Denver, the choices for food at the Pepsi Center are limited.

The media pavilions have lounges where people can stop by for refreshments. For example, Pavilion 4 has free food and drinks for the media, provided by First Data, a payment processing company. The lounge is open from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and offers bagels, danishes and other breakfast items during the morning, sandwiches in the afternoon and a bar in the evening. (The Pepsi Center itself is an alcohol-free zone.)

“We want to make sure all the media around here have refreshments to have enough energy to keep on working,” said Glen Turpin, communications director for First Data.

First Data is also experimenting with new technology called Go Tags for those media and delegates who have access to the Pepsi Center to purchase food.

Placed on a pin or a sticker, “you can load money onto it and be able to use it at every concession stand in the Pepsi Center,” Turbin said.

There are also options inside the arena. Most of the concession stands on the upper concourse and the main floor of the arena will be open from 1:45 p.m. until the program ends Monday through Thursday.

Some stands, such as the Nutty Bavarian, which sells freshly roasted, cinnamon-glazed nuts, starts making their products for the center earlier.

“We make out products fresh every day. The scent of our product will be smelled on all four floors” of the Pepsi Center, said Shirley Campbell, who works at the stand.

“We have the healthiest product in the Pepsi Center at great cost, too,” she added

Outside the center, within the security zone, there is a sausage, fries and hot dog stand operated by Lundy’s that sells the traditional sport-viewing “game food.” For a healthy alternative, they offer veggie wraps.

The Democratic National Convention Committee is also focused on making this convention the greenest one possible. All the plastic utensils used by the convention caterer are made from vegetable matter and are biodegradable.

The arena and surrounding media pavilions are filled with disposal bins that are separated into recycling, compost and other garbage.

For food alternatives, you can always make your way outside of the Pepsi Center perimeter and try to bring food back through security.