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Coleman May Not Pursue NRSC Post

Sen. Norm Coleman (Minn.) may be reconsidering his interest in running to become National Republican Senatorial Committee chairman.

In an interview Monday morning, Coleman, in the midst of a tough re-election race against entertainer Al Franken (D), was hesitant about whether he’d pursue the job in the 2010 cycle. He ran unsuccessfully for chairman in the 2004 cycle, and has previously expressed interest in running again for the job in 2010.

But Coleman said Monday that with his youngest daughter starting college, he and his wife will be in “a new phase in life.”

“So I don’t know, really, if that is something I really want to do if my colleagues asked me to do it,” Coleman said. “My focus really is on winning a tough race in a tough cycle.”

Speaking from a suite in the Xcel Energy Center, the arena he helped build when he was mayor of St. Paul, Coleman emphasized that politically, he isn’t thinking beyond Election Day.

“I don’t rule out anything, but my focus really is on getting re-elected,” he said. “And the question on that is, just being very, very blunt, is that after going through a challenging re-election and a difficult cycle, do I want to commit — if I would have that opportunity — to two more years on a campaign.”

Coleman was scheduled to speak Monday night at the opening of the convention; however, his speech was one of many that were cancelled because of Hurricane Gustav on the Gulf Coast.