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Whitman Urges Women to Vote Republican This Fall

McCain Campaign National co-Chairwoman Meg Whitman, formerly the president and CEO of eBay, offered a personal, feminist appeal to the convention floor Wednesday evening, urging women to vote Republican this November.

“I am a Republican because our party understands that America’s success — the success of her people — comes not from the size of its government, but from the character of its citizens, the strength of its communities, and the nobility and truth of its ideals,” she said.

Whitman also described how her admiration for Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has grown over the years that she has gotten to know him.

“For John, putting country first is the calling of a lifetime,” Whitman said. “He lives by a code of honor unmatched by anyone in American politics. And on the most important duty we place on a president, John is more prepared to lead than any person in America.”

Whitman is rumored to be considering a bid for governor of California in 2010. Whitman discussed energy independence, lowering taxes and simplifying the tax code.

“As president, John McCain will be guided by the simple beliefs that having worked long hours to earn your money, you should keep more of it; and that government shouldn’t spend more than it takes in,” she said.