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New Mexico: Udall Backs Offshore Drilling in New TV Ad

Rep. Tom Udall (D), apparently feeling the heat from rising gas prices, is now trumpeting what has become the position of most Congressional Republicans on energy, and that is to include increased domestic oil drilling in a comprehensive plan to lower high gas prices.

Udall, an ardent environmentalist and long opposed to offshore oil drilling, is running for Senate against Rep. Steve Pearce (R), who has long favored more domestic oil drilling to help address the energy crisis.

Pearce’s position is more in line with voters, according to recent polls.

In a new ad Udall — who is favored to beat Pearce — proclaims his support for offshore drilling while attempting to turn the tables on his Republican opponent, arguing that it is in fact Pearce who is against a comprehensive approach to lowering energy costs.

“What part of ‘do it all’ doesn’t Steve Pearce understand?” the voiceover in Udall’s ad says, as the spot opens. “Tom Udall knows we have to do it all. Drill offshore.”

Udall’s ad is running statewide on broadcast and cable television.

The Republican position, to which Pearce has subscribed, has pushed for an “all of the above” approach to lowering gas prices, including offshore drilling. In a statement responding to Udall’s latest ad, Pearce campaign manager John Billingsley urged Udall to follow his own advice.

Udall “has had opportunities to act in Congress, but has opposed drilling every time. Steve Pearce, on the other hand, has a clear and consistent record of acting to increase domestic production and invest in nuclear. Tom is all talk,” Billingsley said.

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