Minnesota: Coleman Raises Doubts About Franken in Ad

Posted September 15, 2008 at 6:37pm

Sen. Norm Coleman (R) came out swinging in his latest ad, charging that comedian Al Franken (D) does not have the “temperament” to be a Senator. The new 30-second spot, “Angry Al,” uses clips from Franken’s comedy routines and substitutes the entertainer’s profane language with “bleep” sounds.

“Does Al Franken have the temperament to be U.S. Senator?” reads the on-screen text.

“You are wrong, and you have to apologize, man,” the ad quotes Franken in an audio clip. “How (bleep) shameless these people are. These people are so (bleep) shameless.”

“Bull (bleep), that is such baloney,” the ad quotes Franken saying in another video clip.

“I (bleep) hate those right-wing mother (bleep)” the ad quotes Franken on a separate occasion.

“I’m mean sometimes,” the ad quotes Franken again. “You are wrong, and you have to apologize, man.”

Coleman released the ad late last week, as polls again showed a tightening race between the first-term Senator and Franken.

A Minneapolis Star-Tribune poll released Monday showed Coleman leading Franken, 41 percent to 37 percent, with Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley at 13 percent among 1,106 likely voters. The survey was executed Sept. 10-12 by Princeton Survey Research Associates International and had a margin of error of 3.9 points.