Couple Blames Coleman for Son’s Death in New DSCC Ad

Posted September 16, 2008 at 10:56am

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is hitting Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) with one of its toughest advertisements of the campaign season so far.

In the 60-second TV ad “Andersons,” Nancy and Claremont Anderson talk about their late son, Army Maj. Stuart Anderson, who died serving in the Iraq War, and invoke Coleman’s and President Bush’s names.

“We’re Claremont and Nancy Anderson and we live in Hoffman, Minn.,” Nancy Anderson says in the ad. “We’re the parents of Maj. Stuart M. Anderson. On CNN, I see a helicopter crash. And at 10:30 that night, we got — the Army came to our house.”

“You always figure that your sons and daughters would bury you — you don’t have to bury them,” Claremont Anderson says.

“I don’t blame the Army for our son’s death,” Nancy Anderson says. “I just blame the bad policies on President Bush, Norm Coleman, who voted for this.”

“I have no faith in Norm Coleman,” Claremont Anderson continues. “He has no ability to make up his own mind.”

“If Norm Coleman would have stood up to the president and said this is not a good idea, maybe he would have listened.” Nancy Anderson says.

“He [is] nothing more than a yes man,” Claremont Anderson says. “We’re proud of Stuart, but he’s still gone. Norm’s gotta go. He’s gotta go.”

Coleman faces comedian Al Franken (D) and former Sen. Dean Barkley (I) this November in what political observers believe will be a close — and very negative — race. The DSCC’s ad comes within a week of a spot by Coleman’s campaign attacking Franken for not having the “temperament” to be Senator, including clips from Franken’s comedic career that show him using profanity.