Georgia: Goddard’s Newest Ad Touts Air Force Work

Posted September 16, 2008 at 6:33pm

Retired Air Force Maj. Gen. Rick Goddard (R) is up with his second ad in as many weeks in the battleground 8th district.

The newest ad — which, like his first, is targeting the Macon and Albany media markets — focuses on Goddard’s background as the commander of the massive Air Force base in the district that serves as a major employer in the region.

“Rick Goddard commanded Robins Air Force Base,” the ad states, “oversaw 20,000 jobs and its multibillion dollar impact on our communities. In Congress, Rick Goddard will take charge and put country first to combat the energy crisis, strengthen the economy, and make our families more secure.”

Goddard is hoping to knock off Rep. Jim Marshall (D) this fall in a district that the Congressman won by fewer than 2,000 votes last cycle.

While national Republicans were quick to hype the 8th district race earlier this cycle, even some GOP operatives in Washington, D.C., have admitted that Goddard’s campaign has fallen off the national radar in recent months. But Goddard’s mini ad blitz may be a sign that the campaign was simply saving its powder (and money) in the expectation that the race would break late in the cycle.