Kentucky: Break-Ins Reported at Yarmuth Headquarters

Posted September 16, 2008 at 6:35pm

Louisville Metro Police continue to investigate two recent break-ins at Rep. John Yarmuth’s (D) campaign office.

The latest incident took place late Sunday night or early Monday morning when thieves made off with several computers that had “sensitive campaign information,” according to Yarmuth spokesman Christopher Hartman.

But while some equipment was removed from the campaign’s financial office, Hartman said the thieves did not get any personal financial records on Yarmuth donors because that information is not kept at the Yarmuth campaign headquarters. Interestingly, none of the cash that was stored in the finance office was taken.

The first break-in occurred Sept. 9, but a smaller number of items were taken in that break-in. “We’re just moving forward now,” Hartman said. The thieves “finally got the information they were looking for if they were looking for information.”

Yarmuth is locked in a tough rematch with former Rep. Anne Northup (R), whom he ousted two years ago.