California: Andal Hits McNerney On Earmarks in TV Ad

Posted October 20, 2008 at 6:34pm

Former state Assemblyman Dean Andal’s (R) latest television ad takes freshman Rep. Jerry McNerney (D) to task on earmarks, accusing the Congressman of taking campaign contributions and then turning around and voting for pork barrel projects that benefited his donors.

Roll Call had previously reported — incorrectly — that Andal’s latest television spot discussed high gas prices. In fact, Andal’s latest ad assails McNerney on earmarks.

Andal is hoping to oust McNerney in the Central California 11th district, although his prognosis for success looks grim according to GOP insiders following the race.

“With families hurting, Congress is still passing out billion-dollar favors to millionaire donors,” Andal charges in the ad. “It stinks, and I’ll vote to stop it.”

The 30-second spot is running on broadcast and cable stations.