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Pulling the Liberal Cart before the Horse?

Oh so nearly — but not quite — jumping the gun on its celebration, the liberal Campaign for America’s Future announced Tuesday afternoon that it will hold press conferences Wednesday and Friday to “outline the mandate defined in today’s elections.”

Wednesday’s event is a conference call to “release a new report on the themes and issue positions that united successful federal candidates.” High on the list will be talk of universal health care, clean energy and Obama’s tax plan. Friday’s event will feature results of post-election polls about major electoral themes by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg.

One major theme of the election would apparently be the brimming confidence of the left. The release promises to connect reporters with “newly elected candidates and progressive leaders” and lists as participants in Wednesday’s event Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) and “Chellie Pingree, D-Maine,” who the group clearly expects will be Rep.-Elect Chellie Pingree (D-Maine) by then.

Even though the group is crowing about an “election mandate,” Center spokesman Toby Chadhuri admitted the results of the poll and the report are still in flux and dependent on today’s balloting.

Chadhuri said the point is that “the Democratic contenders have all unified around certain themes,” and the events scheduled will be an opportunity to talk about “issues that affect the progressive agenda,” whatever the election results bring.

Though if they expected to lose, would they have announced their events before the first polls close?

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