Georgia: Crushed by Barrow, Stone Will Try Again

Posted November 19, 2008 at 6:43pm

National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Tom Cole’s (Okla.) decision Wednesday to withdraw his name from consideration for another term as head of the committee came as welcome news to one failed Republican candidate who has already announced his intention to run again in 2010.

John Stone, a radio personality and former Congressional aide who was handily defeated by Rep. John Barrow (D) on Election Day, was particularly unhappy with the leadership and strategic decisions of the NRCC during the 2008 cycle and the day after his defeat called on GOP donors to withhold any contributions to the committee until sweeping changes were made.

Stone wrote on his Web site that the 12th district seat, which he lost by 32 points “could have been won this year, even without financial support from NRCC, if they had just not directly undermined our campaign.” On Wednesday, Stone said he held no personal grudge against Cole but that he’s “very pumped up by the fact that we as a party had the courage to go ahead and make those changes.”

He added that he believes newly elected NRCC Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas) represents “exactly the change we needed.”