GOP Leaders to Huddle on Strategy

Posted January 8, 2009 at 4:39pm

Following a tough opening week for the House Republican Conference, GOP elected leadership will convene in Annapolis, Md., on Friday afternoon to discuss how to move forward in the coming year without some of the critical legislative tools they once enjoyed.

Those making the trip include Minority Leader John Boehner (Ohio), Minority Whip Eric Cantor (Va.), his deputy, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (Calif.), Conference Chairman Mike Pence (Ind.), Policy Chairman Thaddeus McCotter (Mich.), Conference Vice Chairwoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Wash.), Secretary John Carter (Texas), National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions (Texas), Rules Chairman David Dreier (Calif.) and the leaders’ staff.

While Dreier and McCarthy are not elected by the GOP Conference, they are considered part of the elected leadership team.

In addition to discussing how they will proceed as an effective minority in the 111th Congress, the leaders will plan a larger House Republican Conference retreat set to take place at the end of the month in Hot Springs, Va., according to knowledgeable aides.