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Americans United Launches Latest Ad Hitting GOP

Americans United for Change, a liberal issue-advocacy group, is launching a new TV ad Friday hitting national Republicans on their opposition to the recently passed economic stimulus plan.

The 30-second spot features video clips of Congressional Republican leaders saying “no” in an effort to illustrate the party’s near-unanimous opposition to the $787 billion economic stimulus package that was enacted last week. The ad is being paid for by the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees and Americans United, and it will air through early next week on Washington, D.C., and national cable channels, including during some Sunday talk shows.

“What did Republican leaders say to President [Barack] Obama’s jobs and recovery plan?” an announcer asks in the spot, followed by a clip of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) saying, “No.”

At the very end, the ad suggests that GOP leaders are taking their marching orders from conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

“So who are Republican leaders listening to?” the announcer asks just before a clip of Limbaugh saying, “I want [Obama] to fail.”

“Tell them America won’t take no for an answer anymore,” the announcer says at the very end.

The ad begins a day after the release of the Obama administration’s first budget blueprint, which has been widely panned by Republicans and conservatives, who complain that it raises taxes and fails to control the deficit.

“The vast majority of Americans want Obama to succeed, and they know if he fails, America fails,” said Brad Woodhouse, president of Americans United. “Republicans have adopted this strategy, and this ad and a bunch of other stuff our side is planning is gonna make them own it and Limbaugh.”

This is just the latest partisan effort to shape public opinion after passage of the stimulus bill. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has paid for automated calls and other grass-roots efforts targeting vulnerable House Republicans, who unanimously voted against the package. The National Republican Congressional Committee has likewise targeted vulnerable Democrats for supporting the measure.

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