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NRSC Takes After Obama in New Web Ad

The honeymoon is over for President Barack Obama, at least as far as the National Republican Senatorial Committee is concerned.

The NRSC is unveiling a new campaign-style Web ad on Tuesday that takes direct aim at Obama on fiscal matters, selectively contrasting what he promised to do as a presidential candidate with his White House record to date. It took the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm 64 days into Obama’s presidency to take the gloves off and move beyond simply targeting Senate Democrats.

The 90-seccond Web ad includes clips of Obama on the campaign trail juxtaposed against news reports of White House actions since he assumed office on Jan. 20. The ad comes as Congress prepares to mark up Obama’s budget blueprint and hours before the president goes before reporters for a prime-time news conference.

In one segment of the NRSC ad, a video clip of candidate Obama from last year’s campaign is played in which the now-president says: “I want to use a scalpel, so that people who need help are getting help. … Absolutely we need earmark reform, and when I’m president, I will go line by line to make sure that we are not spending money unwisely.—

Tape of a television news report is then played in which a CBS reporter says that Obama “signed a bill stuffed with pork barrel spending. … Behind closed doors it was what critics say, business as usual … 1,100 pages loaded with about 8,500 pet projects known as earmarks.—

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