More Staff Shake-Up at RNC

Posted March 27, 2009 at 3:29pm

The Republican National Committee is shedding more staff under newly elected Chairman Michael Steele’s tenure.

Jay Banning, the RNC’s chief financial officer and chief administrative officer, is leaving the committee after 33 years, according to an e-mail message obtained by Roll Call.

The message from newly appointed RNC Chief of Staff Ken McKay said that Banning has decided to retire at the end of next week, but he will be retained as a “special consultant— for at least one more year. McKay also wrote that Banning will be invited to all future RNC events.

Banning’s departure is the latest move in a massive staff reshuffling at the RNC. Shortly after Steele was elected chairman, he asked almost every staffer for his or her resignation in an effort to reorganize the committee.

Although McKay’s message states that Banning decided to retire, his departure suggests turmoil continues to persist at the RNC. Staff changes notwithstanding, Steele has had a tumultuous first two months at the committee, which has included several high-profile confrontations with well known Republicans.