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Coleman Files Appeal to State Supreme Court

Republican Norm Coleman’s campaign filed its appeal with the Minnesota Supreme Court on Monday, further continuing the litigious battle between the former Senator and Democrat Al Franken for the state’s second Senate seat.

A three-judge panel declared Franken the winner of November’s Minnesota Senate race last week — a ruling that Coleman’s camp had promised to bring up to the state Supreme Court. Coleman legal spokesman Ben Ginsberg informed reporters Monday that the campaign had filed the notice of that appeal, which will be automatically taken up by the state’s highest court.

“We do believe that the district court got it wrong on the law and wrong because the Minnesota tradition in law was to enfranchise people, and their decision disenfranchises many Minnesotans whose votes have been wrongly rejected,— Ginsberg said.

The claims laid out in the appeal are similar to many of the cases that Coleman’s camp has already brought to the lower court’s attention, Franken recount attorney Marc Elias said.

“I would expect the result would be the same as it has been throughout this process,— Elias said. “Al Franken won the election, and he will be certified the winner, receive the certification of election, and he will represent the people of Minnesota in the United States Senate for the next six years.—

Elias also said the campaign would file a motion Tuesday morning to ask the court to set the schedule for an expeditious review. In the motion, Franken’s campaign is expected to ask that both sides finish filing their briefs by May 4.

Staff Writer Jude O. Marfil contributed to this report.

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