GOP Jumps on Schakowsky Insurance Comments

Posted May 1, 2009 at 5:15pm

House Republicans are thrilled by Rep. Jan Schakowsky’s (D-Ill.) recent comments suggesting that private insurance companies will suffer as a result of a public option being part of health care reform.

Republicans are circulating a video clip of Schakowsky giving an April 18 speech on health care reform, in which she responds to concerns by some that a public health care option would put the private insurance industry out of business.

“The goal of health care reform is not to protect the private health insurance industry. I am so confident in the superiority of the public health care option that I think [the private insurance industry] has every reason to be frightened,— Schakowsky said.

“I know many of you here today are single-payer advocates and so am I … and those of us who are pushing for a public health insurance don’t disagree with the goal,— she added. “This is not a principled fight. This is a fight about strategy for getting there, and I believe we will.—

Republicans took the opportunity to praise the senior House Democrat for making their case against a public insurance option.

“No one should be bamboozled by claims that a government option’ is anything but a backdoor route to a government takeover that will raise taxes, ration care and cause 120 million Americans to lose their current health coverage,— said Michael Steel, spokesman for House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio).

“Rep. Schakowsky should be commended for her honesty and candor in pointing this out,— Steel said.