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Pelosi Confident Global Warming Bill on Track

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Wednesday that global warming legislation is on track to reach the House floor this summer, and that she expects Democrats will rally behind President Barack Obama’s request for additional war funding.

The energy bill “is on its proper course— and is her “flagship issue,— Pelosi told reporters at her weekly briefing, adding that she believes it will become law by the end of the year. The energy measure has hit a few snags, particularly over whether cap-and-trade provisions should be included in the final package.

“I believe we will be successful,— she said. “I’m excited about it.—

Pelosi said she envisions the energy bill moving first, “so we can move on to health care.—

Some of the Speaker’s lieutenants have suggested moving health care first, which has broader support in her Caucus. The Senate is pressing ahead on health care reform, and Democratic leaders in that chamber have said they want a bill on the floor before the August recess.

Pelosi said she is comfortable with tying “cash for clunkers— language to the House energy bill, rather than adding it to the $94 billion war supplemental or to another must-pass bill that will become law more quickly.

Pelosi said she did not see a need to split votes on the supplemental to give anti-war liberals the option to vote for pieces of the bill. And she expressed stronger support for Obama’s renewed focus on Afghanistan and Pakistan than did Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.), who on Monday said he would give Obama a year to show progress in the region.

“It’s in our national interest to fight terrorism, and that’s where it exists,— Pelosi said, adding that Obama “has a path to end the war in Iraq.—

Of the supplemental, which she said would be Congress’ last, she said she would tell her Members: “I hope you can vote for it.—

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