Eye on the Senate: Dodd Blasts Newspaper Piece on Wife’s Income

Posted May 11, 2009 at 5:18pm
CQ Photo
Christopher and Jackie Clegg Dodd (Getty)

Embattled Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd has taken to the op-ed pages to defend his wife in response to the latest questions raised about whether he and his family are personally benefiting from his powerful role in the Senate.

In an opinion piece in the Hartford Courant published Sunday, the five-term Democrat wrote, “this past week the attacks against me just went too far,” a reference to an investigative piece in the Courant examining Jackie Clegg Dodd’s exploding salary since her marriage thanks to posts on several corporate boards.  

Dodd laid the blame for the controversy at the feet of state GOP Chairman Chris Healy. “He claimed she served on corporate boards and isn’t qualified,” Dodd wrote. “That is a flat-out lie and it’s low-blow politics at its worst.”