GOP’s Coburn to Seek Senate Re-election in Oklahoma

Posted June 1, 2009 at 11:51am
CQ Photo
Tom Coburn (Getty)

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn announced Monday morning that he is running for a second term in next year’s election, ensuring that his Republican Party will be favored to hold the seat in the strongly conservative and GOP-leaning state.

Coburn has carved out a niche in Congress as an outspoken conservative. In his re-election candidacy statement at the Tulsa Press Club, Coburn said, “Many in Washington are claiming that all problems can be solved with more spending and less individual freedom. Those ideas have never worked and they never will. While I’m confident the wisdom of the American people will prevail, we won’t win without a fight.”  

Coburn has provided a reliable vote on legislation for Senate Republican leaders, though his persona as a “citizen politician” and his dogged opposition to federal spending earmarks has sometimes nettled colleagues of his own party as well as Democrats.