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How’s Dodd Doing? It Could Be Worse

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Christopher Dodd (Getty)

Connecticut Sen. Christopher J. Dodd’s re-election chances hang on whether constituents determine that his lack of good judgment supersede his leadership role and significant legislative accomplishments. That seems to be the consensus among a dozen Connecticut leaders and political analysts asked by the Hartford Courant, “How is Dodd doing?”

The Courant, one of the state’s leading papers, solicited responses from professionals across Connecticut’s public affairs sphere, ranging from former Democratic governor Lowell P. Weicker Jr., to Ronald A. Williams, CEO of health care firm Aetna, to Dodd’s colleague in the Senate, Independent Joseph I. Lieberman .  

Despite the drubbing Dodd has taken in the press and from the state Republican party of late, the tone in the Courant’s survey, among Democrats and Republicans alike, was notably respectful. State Sen. Minority Leader and prospective 4th District Republican candidate John McKinney’s statement that “I have always liked and respected [Dodd] and his years of service to our nation,” is a far cry from one of Dodd’s GOP challengers, former Rep. Rob Simmons , calling the senator a “lying weasel” on Fox News.

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