Democrats in One Connecticut Town Take No Confidence Vote on Dodd

Posted June 26, 2009 at 11:06am

Sen. Christopher J. Dodd has made strides in consolidating support among Connecticut Democrats, but it seems he still has work to do after the Kent Democratic Town Committee passed a no-confidence resolution against Dodd earlier this week.

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“Senator Dodd has violated either in fact or in appearance or both, in the several ways herein elaborated, the trust placed in him by his constituents,” the resolution reads. “WE RESOLVE that Senator Dodd does not deserve our support, and that through his pattern of behavior, he has become a symbol of what is wrong with our electoral system.” It passed with a vote of 8 to 5 and one abstention.

Town committee chairman Todd Jones told the Lichtfield County Times that at Dodd’s appearance before the committee last month had been a disapointment. “Some committee members felt [Mr.] Dodd did not answer their questions at all. Only three or so questions were answered and people felt their concerns were not addressed.”