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Republicans Are Among Murtha’s Second-Quarter Contributors

CQ Photo

John Murtha (Scott Ferrell/CQ)

Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. John P. Murtha raised $133,000 for his 2010 re-election campaign in this year’s second quarter, even collecting donations from a couple of former Republican colleagues on the Appropriations Committee.

Murtha, who is chairman of the panel that oversees defense spending and a vigorous promoter of appropriations earmarks, got a $250 contribution in June from David L. Hobson , an Ohio Republican who served on Appropriations and retired from the House last year. The campaign committee of retired Pennsylvania Republican Joseph M. McDade (1963-99), a former Appropriations chairman, gave Murtha’s campaign $2,000.  

James W. Dyer , the former Republican staff director of the Appropriations Committee who now runs the appropriations practice at the firm Clark and Weinstock, gave $1,400 to Murtha’s campaign committee.