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In God We Trust’ Engraving, Slavery Marker OK’d for CVC

The Capitol Visitor Center will soon have more references to religion and history, after the Senate passed two bills Friday directing the Architect of the Capitol to engrave “In God We Trust— in the underground building and place a marker in the main hall that acknowledges the role of slaves in the Capitol’s construction.Both bills easily passed the House earlier in the week.Rep. Dan Lungren’s (R-Calif.) bill — which, in addition to “In God We Trust,— directs the AOC to engrave the Pledge of Allegiance in the CVC — comes after months of Republican complaints that the new building lacks enough references to religion’s role in the nation’s founding.Under Rep. John Lewis’ (D-Ga.) bill, the AOC would also place a marker in Emancipation Hall, which was named to recognize the slaves who helped build the Capitol. The CVC opened Dec. 2, after years of construction that was chronically behind schedule and over budget. It’s the largest-ever expansion to the Capitol, costing a total of $621 million.