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House Administration Committee Blasts GOP Over Mailing

House Administration Committee Democrats are hitting back at Republicans for accusing one committee aide of blocking a GOP mailing that is critical of the majority’s health care reform plan.

Republicans on Wednesday filed a resolution that blasts Democrats on the Franking Commission, which defines Congressional mailing standards, for unfairly preventing them from mailing a GOP chart that depicts the organization of the Democratic health care plan with a complicated maze of government offices and programs.

The GOP resolution singles out the Democratic staff director of the commission and accuses her of abusing her position and “knowingly applying different standards to material submitted— by Republicans for official mailings.

The measure hit a nerve with Democratic staff on the House Administration Committee, who maintain that mailing out the chart would violate House rules since the information falls under the category of “partisan, politicized or personalized.—

“It is outrageous that the minority would waste the precious time of this House on ridiculous and unfounded personal attacks and that it would attempt to sully the reputation of a distinguished House staffer who has served with integrity and distinction for more than 32 years,— said Kyle Anderson, the committee’s press director.

“Not only are their claims unfounded, but their personal attacks tarnish the dignity of the People’s House,— Anderson said.

He said Democratic staff have worked “diligently and in good faith— throughout the process of reviewing GOP materials, despite the “constant posturing from the minority— and “without political rancor and with an eye on integrity and honesty.—

Anderson added that Rep. Susan Davis (D-Calif.), chairwoman of the commission, has regularly reached out “in earnest— to Republicans to resolve the dispute. But unfortunately, he said, they have “chosen to respond indirectly, through the media.—