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Bachmann Compares Herself to Palin in New Fundraising Appeal

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), a proud enemy of liberals everywhere — and vice versa — is using the recent resignation of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) in a fundraising appeal.In an e-mail solicitation to supporters Thursday with the subject line, “Don’t Let Them Palinize Me,— Bachmann argues that “with Governor Palin taking a well-deserved step out of the spotlight, it appears that I may be absorbing even more of the liberals’ scorn.— She notes that Fox News host Sean Hannity has said he considers Bachmann “the second most hated Republican woman— in America, after Palin.And in big, red letters to the side of the body of the fundraising letter, Bachmann’s appeal says, “My Democrat opponents are raising more than $30,000 a week to defeat me!—Although she represents a conservative district north of the Twin Cities, Bachmann has found herself in a series of controversies since being elected in 2006. She has frequently called her political opponents Marxists and other incendiary terms, and shortly before Election Day last year, she suggested in a nationally televised interview that now-President Barack Obama and certain Democrats in Congress were unpatriotic. Democrats pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into her challenger’s campaign in the aftermath of that interview, but she still prevailed by 3 points, though a third-party candidate took 10 percent of the vote.This cycle, Democratic leaders are high on state Sen. Tarryl Clark, who has decided to challenge Bachmann, though Maureen Reed, the Independence Party nominee for lieutenant governor in 2006, is also seeking the Democratic nod.In her fundraising appeal, Bachmann says, “Just as they did with Sarah Palin, the more I talk about issues, the more they attack with below-the-belt personal hits. In fact, yesterday, a Minnesota paper gave a full column to a hit piece on one of my kids! … I’ll tell you the truth: Their sticks and stones will not stop me from going out and speaking the truth about their bad policies! And, your support really helps!—

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