GOP State Chairwoman Responds to Reid Comments

Posted August 17, 2009 at 10:29am

Nevada Republican party chairwoman and possible Senate challenger Sue Lowden hit back at Sen. Harry Reid Monday after Reid dismissed Lowden’s political viability in an interview with Politics Daily last week.

And she sounded like she was warming up for future sparring with the Senate majority leader.

In the Politics Daily article, Reid said that Lowden “couldn’t get elected to the state Senate. She was against mammograms for women.” Actually, Lowden was elected to the state Senate twice, though she lost her re-election bid in 1996. And Monday, Lowden called the claim that she opposed mammogram funding a “careless and false charge.”

“My vote was against unfunded mandates and budget-busting levels of spending that ultimately drives up the costs of health insurance to the point Nevadans can no longer afford it,” Lowden said in a statement.