Rehberg Returning to D.C. by Train After Boating Accident

Posted September 5, 2009 at 11:47am

Rep. Denny Rehberg (R-Mont.) said Friday that his injuries from a recent boating accident won’t keep him from returning to Washington, D.C., on Tuesday.Rehberg broke his ankle and sustained fractures around his eye after a boat that he was on crashed into the rocky shore of Montana’s Flathead Lake on the night of Aug. 27. He said Friday that he is unable to fly but that he and his wife plan to take Amtrak to Washington from his hometown of Billings, a trek that takes two days.“My doctor recommended that I not fly for a while so Jan and I are going to take the Empire Builder back to Washington. I’ll be at my desk in D.C. on Tuesday morning,— Rehberg said in a statement.Rehberg was one of five people aboard the 22-foot motorboat being driven by state Senate Majority Whip Greg Barkus (R) when it crashed. Others in the accident included Barkus’ wife, Kathy, and two Rehberg aides: Deputy Chief of Staff Kristin Smith and State Director Dustin Frost, who sustained a serious brain injury and has been unconscious since the crash.Reports say Barkus was driving the boat 40 miles per hour when it crashed and had been drinking alcohol. The Flathead County Attorney’s office has subpoenaed Barkus’ blood alcohol test results from the hospital and is weighing felony charges.