California: Whitman Questions Voting Story

Posted October 5, 2009 at 5:49pm

It took more than a week, but Republican Meg Whitman’s gubernatorial campaign hit back Monday against a newspaper report that raised questions about the former Ebay CEO’s voting record as a private citizen.

The article, published by the Sacramento Bee Sept. 24, found “no evidence that she participated in elections for most of her adult life.” The report generated a firestorm of negative coverage in the local and national media.

On Monday, Whitman campaign communications director Tucker Bounds sent a letter to Amy Chance, political editor of the Bee, saying the campaign had “found a number of disturbing discrepancies that raise serious questions about the quality of The Bee’s reporting and the integrity of your newspaper.” The letter was also posted on Whitman’s campaign site.

Essentially, the paper “made specific claims in their article that they had no source material for,” Bounds told CQ Politics.