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An Apparent Congressional First: Rep. Walden Has Swine Flu

Rep. Greg Walden (R-Ore.) is resting comfortably in his Washington, D.C., home after being diagnosed Tuesday with an apparent case of swine flu.Andrew Whelan, a spokesman for Walden, said that no tests were planned to confirm the diagnosis but that the Congressman had all the classic symptoms of the disease, which has been widely reported in the D.C. area.The case is believed to be the first instance of a Member of Congress contracting the disease; however, several Senate pages became ill with swine-flu-like symptoms and were sequestered from their peers in late July, and 10 House pages are believed to have contracted the disease this week.Members of Rep. Melissa Bean’s (D-Ill.) family also contracted swine flu symptoms earlier this week.Walden announced his illness on his Twitter page yesterday, writing that he was off to “seclusion— for the time being. According to his office, there is no word on when he is expected to return to work. Whelan said the Congressman simply needs “rest and time.—