Rep. Davis Files for Cook County Post

Posted October 26, 2009 at 4:32pm

Illinois Democrat Danny K. Davis filed his petitions to run for Cook County Board President on Monday, but his office said he also will file for his 7th District seat at a later date.

Monday was the first day that Illinois candidates could file their petitions and the requisite numbers of signatures with the local elections department. Davis has until Nov. 9 to withdraw one of his petitions and pick a race.

Davis’ spokesman Ira Cohen confirmed in an e-mail that the lawmaker will also submit petitions to run for re-election to his current seat. “Yes, he will but the date is not yet determined,” Cohen said.

A well-placed source said that Davis was waiting to see which other candidates file for the Cook County Board race before he made a final decision. If some of the more prominent candidates have trouble getting enough signatures to run for the seat, then he is more likely to run for the county position.