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Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison won’t resign her seat until after the Texas Republican gubernatorial primary next March, reversing course after initially signaling she would leave Congress this fall to focus on her bid.According to the Associated Press, Hutchison plans to say in a speech Saturday in Galveston that she’ll remain in the Senate to fight Democratic proposals to overhaul the health care system and enact cap-and-trade legislation to limit greenhouse gases. Hutchison is expected to say she plans to step down sometime in 2010, regardless of the outcome of the primary.“I realize this will keep me in the Senate past the primary election,— Hutchison plans to say, according to the AP. “These issues are too important to leave the fight to a newly appointed freshman Senator who will be selected in the midst of a political storm.—Hutchison said in July that she planned to resign from the Senate in October or November to concentrate on her primary challenge to Gov. Rick Perry (R), who has been governor since December 2000 and is seeking a third full term. But she soon backed away from that statement and said it was possible she could stay in the Senate through the gubernatorial primary.First elected to the Senate in a 1993 special election, Hutchison was most recently re-elected in 2006, and her current term would expire in January 2013.Would-be Democratic and Republican successors had already raised millions of dollars in the expectation that Hutchison would soon resign, though it now appears they’ll have to wait a while longer for a vacancy.

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