Fringe Fest Takes on Fall Feeling

Posted November 18, 2009 at 3:40pm

This weekend is your last chance to catch three one-person alternative theater pieces in downtown D.C.

Capital Fringe, the theater group behind Washington, D.C.’s annual summer Fringe Festival, is hosting its first-ever Fall Fringe in the group’s theater space, Fort Fringe.

All three solo performers have performed in the summer Fringe festival, notes Julianne Brienza, executive director of Capital Fringe. But they are also “sort of an eclectic group— with different styles and backgrounds.

According to Brienza, Ed Hamell’s “Terrorism of Everyday Life— is a “rock ‘n’ roll one-man show.— Performer Mark Whitney stages a courtroom drama titled “Fool for a Client,— based on a true story of a man facing more than 200 years in federal prison.

Brienza says Whitney’s show has been in the works for at least three years, while Hamell is reprising a piece that he performed during this summer’s Fringe Festival.

Choreographer Kelly Bond performs the final piece, titled “Splitting the Difference.— According to a press release, Bond will create “an opening through which viewers can identify themselves— using choreography, physical sensation and text. According to Brienza, Fall Fringe is the show’s debut.

Brienza notes that there are two reasons behind the new fall event that complements the summer festival. First, the event will serve as a fundraiser and all ticket proceeds will be put toward funding future Fringe Festivals. And second, Brienza says, “We have three theaters. We really want to use them.—

The fringe theater movement, which dates back to a festival held in 1947 in Edinburgh, Scotland, is a worldwide movement of festivals that showcase alternative and experimental theater.

The shows all run through Sunday at Fort Fringe, located at 610 L St. NW near the Mount Vernon Square Metro station. More information is available at