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Ex-Rep. Bradley Co-Hosts Fundraiser With Pawlenty in N.H.

Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (R) is hosting an event for state Senate Republicans in New Hampshire next month — and former Rep. Jeb Bradley (R-N.H.) is on the host committee.

Pawlenty, once a short-list contender to be Sen. John McCain’s running mate in 2008, is now mentioned as a potential presidential candidate in 2012. Doing favors for well-known New Hampshire Republicans such as Bradley could certainly help him in the nation’s first primary state.

As one of nine state Senate Republicans in the Granite state, Bradley is listed on the host committee for Pawlenty’s Dec. 16 event in Concord. The event, according to Bradley, will benefit New Hampshire Senate Republicans and he said his participation does not count as an endorsement.

“I think what the governor is trying to do is help Republicans throughout the country, including in New Hampshire,” Bradley said in a phone interview. “We’re thrilled he’s willing to give up his time to visit our state.”

Bradley served in the House for two terms until 2006, when now-Rep. Carol Shea Porter (D-N.H.) defeated him in an upset victory. After losing to Shea-Porter for a second time in 2008, Bradley won a special election earlier this year to the state Senate.

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