GOP Senators Blast Effect of First Stimulus

Posted December 8, 2009 at 3:14pm

Republican Sens. John McCain (Ariz.) and Tom Coburn (Okla.) blasted the effectiveness of the $787 billion stimulus package Tuesday, the same day President Barack Obama unveiled his new jobs plan to recharge the economy. “We have a discussion on jobs today going on by the president,— Coburn said at a press conference Tuesday, releasing a report critical of the stimulus. “But if, in fact, you really want to create jobs with deficit spending, then you need to be doing it in the area where you can create the most jobs that create something of value for the American people as a whole.—The GOP Senators highlighted projects funded with stimulus money and called for increased supervision of the stimulus program. Asked who should be held accountable, Coburn did not mince words: Responsibility “ultimately rests with Vice President [Joseph] Biden. He’s in charge of the stimulus plan. So if we’re seeing these out there, the effective administration of the recovery is not effective.—