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GOP Appropriators Threaten to Oppose Defense Spending Bill

House Appropriations Committee Republicans vowed Thursday to vote against the Defense spending bill if Democrats use it as a vehicle to a raise to the debt ceiling.

“Our men and women in uniform deserve this support without strings and caveats, and without being used as bargaining chips to accomplish other unrelated legislative priorities,— Republicans wrote in a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Appropriations Chairman David Obey (D-Wis.). “Congress should move immediately to pass a clean Defense Appropriations bill as prompt action on this legislation is vital to the well-being of our troops and our national security.—

Republicans have previously shown a willingness to vote against a bill that funds the nation’s security priorities.

In October, 131 House Republicans voted against the 2010 Defense authorization conference report because it included a provision to expand the definition of federal hate crimes to include attacks based on a victim’s sexual orientation, gender identity or mental or physical disabilities.

The bill passed easily despite the GOP opposition.

In June, the 170 GOP lawmakers voted against and nearly brought down the $105.9 billion war supplemental because Democrats included a $108 billion loan package for the International Monetary Fund.

The war supplemental narrowly passed the House, 226-202.

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