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NRCC Fundraising Struggles, DCCC Holds Three-to-One Edge

The National Republican Congressional Committee will report raising $2.34 million in the month of November, but spending almost every dollar — $2.16 million. That’s a net of only about $180,000 for the GOP House committee, which is heading into the 2010 elections with the political wind at their back but with a comparatively weak bank account.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee will report raising $3.65 million in November, with $2.8 million in disbursements during that month. House Democrats also have a cash advantage of more than three-to-one, with $15.35 million cash on hand compared to the NRCC’s $4.35 million in the bank.

The NRCC also will report $2 million in debt. The committee has been carrying about $2 million in debt since August, but has cut down their debt from $6.5 million at the beginning of the cycle. The DCCC will report slightly more debt than the NRCC with about $2.66 million in the red.

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