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Republicans Use Terrorism Attempt to Raise Funds

House Republicans moved quickly to use a recent terrorism attempt to help boost their fundraising efforts, sending out an e-mail Wednesday calling for “an immediate contribution— by Dec. 31.

In the e-mail, sent by the National Republican Congressional Committee, House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) indicates the funds would help the GOP force a vote on legislation that would bar the transfer of Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, prison detainees into the United States.

NRCC donations will go toward financing Republicans to “prevent the Obama Administration from importing dangerous terrorists into American communities,— Boehner says.

Boehner later issued a statement bashing the administration for its response to the foiled Christmas Day attempt by a Nigerian man to blow up a Detroit-bound Northwest Airlines flight, and linking its handling of the incident to its “dangerous decision— to close the Guantánamo prison and bring 9/11 terror suspects to New York for trial.

The plot to bring down the airline “exposed a near-catastrophic failure at every level of our government,— said the Minority Leader. Additionally, Obama’s plan to close the Guantánamo facility “has not stopped al Qaeda from plotting attacks on Americans, turning these terrorists over to other countries is not working, and we shouldn’t import them into the United States.—

Rep. Tom Price (Ga.), chairman of the conservative Republican Study Committee, similarly accused the administration of not taking the threat of terrorist attacks seriously.

Terrorists will not relent if Obama is trying to “heed political correctness, acquiesce to international calls for deference, or close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay,— Price said in a statement.

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