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Steele Does About-Face: GOP Will Win House

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele said Sunday he believes the GOP will “absolutely— win back the House in November — an abrupt about-face from his position last week when he said he doubted Republicans could take control.When asked on NBC’s “Meet the Press— if he now believes the GOP will reclaim the majority this fall, Steele said, “Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely. At the rate we’re going now we’re going to take back Congress … and Democrats won’t have a 60-seat majority— in the Senate.The firm predictions come in stark contrast to his comments less than a week ago.During an interview on Fox News on Monday, Steele said “not this year— when asked whether the GOP could win the House in November. His remarks angered many Republicans who launched blistering attacks on the RNC chairman’s competency as a party leader.Steele, a former Maryland lieutenant governor and 2006 Senate candidate, has largely dismissed his critics out of hand — telling them to “deal with it— or to “shut up.— “I’m a passionate guy, I am a passionate leader of this party … I grew up here on the streets of D.C. and at 17 decided to become a Republican,— Steele said, arguing that his anger last week was prompted by what he believes is an abandonment of the party’s core conservative principles by some of his critics.“I get angry sometimes when we walk away from those principles,— he said, adding that, “I think overall, I’m doing OK.—

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