Axelrod Predicts Coakley Victory

Posted January 15, 2010 at 7:47pm

White House Senior Adviser David Axelrod on Friday confidently predicted victory for embattled Massachusetts Democratic Senatorial candidate Martha Coakley, asserting voters in the end will make their choice on issues that have traditionally favored Democratic candidates in the state.“I’m confident she’s going to win,— said Axelrod, who spoke during an evening briefing for reporters. Axelrod said Obama, who he said was only just invited by Coakley to come to the state and will travel there Sunday, will help make the difference. “In the polling I’ve seen,— he said, the president’s approval rating is “in the 60s.—Axelrod asserted that local issues were hurting Coakley, saying Republicans had successfully portrayed her as a “quasi-incumbent— because of her status as state attorney general. But he indicated Democrats were beginning to frame her GOP opponent, Scott Brown, in a manner that will turn voters against him because they disagree with his positions.Axelrod dismissed suggestions that Obama is taking a risk of politically damaging himself by wading into a race that a Democrat might lose in a state where Democrats normally win. “I have not heard this president make decisions— based on how it will affect “his personal political prestige,— Axelrod said. “We’ve learned not to set our clock based on the Washington political story of the moment,— he said, adding that doing what is “right— works politically in the long term. But Axelrod acknowledged that the economy is creating a political challenge for Democrats. Nevertheless, he said am improving economic situation and a relentless White House focus on creating jobs will heal the problem by Election Day.“This is a difficult environment right now because it’s a difficult economy,— he said, suggesting it was hurting the president. While some problems were inherited, “we’re the government party,— he said, noting that the situation makes it “hard to maintain very high poll numbers.—Axelrod said the unemployment rate was uppermost in voters’ minds. But he predicted the economy will continue to improve and asserted that the administration’s top priority is job creation.He characterized Republicans as “the guard dogs at the gate of the status quo and the special interests.—Axelrod said the White House is supportive of immigration reform. But he suggested that the timing of a bill has been left to Congressional Democrats, saying the administration is ready to help when Congress wants to move.