RNC Scouts Phoenix, Tampa and Salt Lake City for 2012 Convention

Posted February 26, 2010 at 4:43pm

Republican candidates, activists and political reporters could be in for a sticky August 2012.

The Republican National Committee announced on Friday that it has narrowed it down to three finalist cities to host the party’s 2012 presidential nominating convention. Two of the possibilities — Phoenix and Tampa — have a propensity to get hot and steamy in the summer. The third option is Salt Lake City, which would be practically a hometown venue for 2012 aspirant Mitt Romney given the former Massachusetts governor’s Utah roots.

Average temperatures in Phoenix in August are above 100 degrees, while temperatures in Tampa are regularly in the 90s and rainy. Salt Lake City’s August weather is milder, averaging in the 80s.

The 12 members of the RNC’s site selection committee will visit Phoenix, Tampa and Salt Lake City in late March and early April, according to a news release from the RNC. A final vote on the city that is recommended as the venue will be held at the RNC’s annual summer meeting in July.