Utah: Club for Growth Books Anti-Bennett Advertising

Posted March 3, 2010 at 6:29pm

The Club for Growth is taking to the airwaves to try to persuade Republicans to ditch Sen. Bob Bennett.

The ad encourages Republicans to work to send anti-Bennett delegates to the state GOP convention.

It will begin airing on the Fox News Channel today.

“Since Utahns last sent Sen. Bob Bennett to Washington, he voted to bail out Wall Street, voted for billions in wasteful spending like Alaska’s ‘Bridge to Nowhere,’ even joined with liberals supporting big government health care,” the ad says. “Had enough? On March 23, vote for a change at your local Utah Republican precinct caucus.”

Rather than backing any single Bennett challenger, Club for Growth President Chris Chocola has said there are “several viable and superior candidates” for the Senate seat.

The group has met with GOP candidates Mike Lee, a former gubernatorial general counsel and the son of former U.S. Solicitor General Rex Lee; former House candidate Tim Bridgewater; and conservative activist Cherilyn Eagar.