Iowa: Boswell Files, Defying Rumor of Retirement

Posted March 8, 2010 at 6:29pm

Democratic Rep. Leonard Boswell has left absolutely no doubt he is seeking re-election.

Boswell, 76, whom Republican strategists tried to prod into retirement, was the first incumbent in the state’s House delegation to file 2010 election paperwork with Iowa election officials.

In the last cycle, Boswell faced a primary challenge from ex-state Rep. Ed Fallon, winning 61 percent of the vote. He does not have a primary opponent this time.

There’s a contested primary shaping up on the Republican side.

Businessman Scott Batcher has filed candidacy paperwork, and he will soon be joined by several other declared GOP candidates: financial analyst and former wrestling coach Jim Gibbons, state Sen. Brad Zaun, psychiatrist Pat Bertroche, aviation consultant Dave Funk and retired architect Mark Rees.