Arkansas: Boozman Rival Attacks Before Senate Debate

Posted March 15, 2010 at 6:44pm

This could be a hint of what’s to come when the Arkansas Young Republicans host a Senate debate Tuesday.

State Sen. Gilbert Baker, who’s among eight Republicans hoping to be the party’s nominee against Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D), put out a campaign news release Monday blasting a rival, Rep. John Boozman, for the number of overseas trips he took last year.

“When I am U.S. Senator, I will be visiting places like England, Paris, and London, ARKANSAS to continue to be responsive to the people of this great state,” said Baker, listing localities named after famous places.

“Members of Congress should not be spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars on lavish, international trips when people across the country are struggling to make ends meet,” he said.

“Congressman Boozman’s number one focus is Arkansas and he wishes he only had to travel within its borders,” spokesman Patrick Creamer replied. “It is naive to think that a Member of Congress or a U.S. Senator can address the global threats our country faces without ever leaving the U.S.”

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that Boozman was the state lawmaker who did the most globetrotting on the taxpayer dime in 2009. He visited 14 countries during three separate trips, the newspaper said.

Because votes are scheduled in the House, Boozman is not planning to participate in the debate at the University of Arkansas in Little Rock.