Heard on the Hill: Brian Baird’s Cross-Dressing Baseball Uniform?

Posted May 21, 2010 at 5:36pm

Rep. Brian Baird shocked his Congressional baseball teammates last week when he showed up at a practice wearing ladies’ clothing. OK, OK, so it wasn’t a full-on Mrs. Doubtfire performance — the Washington Democrat merely accessorized his normal athletic gear at the team’s Thursday practice with a pair of women’s sunglasses that colleagues said belonged to his wife.

Still, Baird took some ribbing from the testosterone-heavy crowd for the decidedly feminine specs, which bore gold-link designs on the sides. The blinged-out Baird was playing first base during the practice session at Brentwood Park near Gallaudet University as Democrats were preparing for the annual Roll Call Congressional Baseball Game.

To be fair, it was a lovely, sunny day, and he must have really needed some glasses to field balls coming from his teammates’ hot bats.

Rest assured, HOH will be on the lookout to see whether he wears the same shades at the June 29 matchup in which the Democrats are hoping to repeat their 2009 win against the Republican team.

Vitter Finds ‘Furry Vengeance’ a Bit of a Sunday Afternoon Snooze

Thousands of gallons of oil might be gushing into the Gulf of Mexico just a few miles away, but family man Sen. David Vitter still makes time for his kids.

In what has to be one of HOH’s favorite sightings in a while, an HOH tipster spotted the Louisiana Republican catching a Sunday afternoon matinee with what appeared to be his children last week in Louisiana. The movie screening at the AMC theater in Metairie, La., was “Furry Vengeance,” which is not the dirty flick it might sound like, but rather the latest Brendan Fraser kids’ comedy that features slapstick hijinks and furry woodland creatures.

A spokesman didn’t return our call seeking comment on Vitter’s cinematic outing, but our spy says the Senator didn’t seem entirely engrossed by the action, at one point appearing to have dozed off.

Chaffetz: Bench Bills Boosting Ballers

Attention, Members of Congress: Don’t look to Rep. Jason Chaffetz for support on that congratulatory measure honoring the local college for winning the NCAA Division III dodgeball championship.

The Utah Republican posted no less than nine tweets Thursday announcing that he won’t vote on any resolution honoring athletes, citing a need to recognize the “true heroes — military, teachers, scientists, students who triumph in something other than sports.”

“Congrats! They won! But I am only going to vote Present,” he tweeted. “Watch ESPN and hold a home town parade, but Congress is not where you should come seeking recognition in athletics.”

Chaffetz isn’t the first Member to take issue with such resolutions, which appear on both chamber floors almost as often as bills naming post offices.

In fact, these legislative battles can get downright dirty.

In March, Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.) tried (and failed) to defeat a measure put forth by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) honoring the University of Maryland men’s basketball team. This came a few months after he and Rep. George Miller (D-Calif.) got into a fight over a non-sports-themed bill … which led to Campbell’s bill congratulating the national champion University of California at Irvine’s men’s volleyball team getting yanked off the floor.


Chaffetz’s anti-sports stance isn’t that personal: “Even if we want to celebrate the Utah Jazz for coming in 4th, I will only vote Present,” he pledged.

Edwards’ Wheeling and Dealing

Rep. Donna Edwards is one of Congress’ most athletic Members — she played football alongside the boys as a youngster and is on the Congressional women’s softball team — but the Maryland Democrat is currently sidelined after suffering a nasty fall.

Edwards took a tumble down one of the Capitol’s staircases May 13, forcing her to recuperate in a wheelchair while she recovers from ligament and tendon damage, HOH hears.

An Edwards spokesman tells HOH that there’s no need to worry, as the Congresswoman is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.

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