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Reid Threatens Weekend Votes

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid called for bipartisan cooperation Tuesday in order to avoid weekend votes that would spill into the Memorial Day break.

“It’s going to take the cooperation of both sides to get this done, so I appreciate everyone’s attention to the issues at hand, but especially this week” the Nevada Democrat said, noting the packed legislative schedule. “I would hope that it’s not necessary that we’re going to be in session during the Memorial Day recess.”

The Senate is considering a $60 billion war supplemental bill that Democrats hope to clear this week and have enough time to also clear a tax extenders bill the House is set to pass Tuesday or Wednesday. Senate Democrats have urged passage of both bills before adjourning Friday for the weeklong Memorial Day recess, but GOP demands that both measures be fully paid for could push back that timeline.

“When we go home, Mr. President, it’s not a question of sitting around the pool sipping cold drinks,” said Reid, who faces an uphill re-election battle in his home state. “We have a lot of work to do. People that we represent need to see us.”

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