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HOH’s One-Minute Recess: ‘Whoomp’ Whispers Deflated

The rumor that President Barack Obama was an extra in a 1993 rap video was too good to be true — and the rappers who made the video are being refreshingly honest about the fact that the guy who looks uncannily like the prez simply wasn’t the commander in chief. does what others reporting on the rumor hadn’t yet: interviews the members of Tag Team, the Atlanta-based outfit whose video for “Whoomp! (There It Is)” features a cameo by a guy who many speculated in recent days was a young Obama.

And the rappers are eschewing what could be a PR coup for them, wherein they would play coy about whether the video guy is Obama, thus keeping the rumor alive. “We were talking about saying, ‘We don’t know if it’s him — it could be him,’ but we don’t want to do that,” Tag Team rapper DC the Brain Supreme tells Gawker. “We’re straight-up cats. We’re not trying to do it like that. We know for a fact that it wasn’t him.”

The rappers say the Obama lookalike is their friend, rapper L.A. Sno, who they don’t think resembles the president in real life. “And he’s got a pill head. Like, a square pill head,” says Steve Roll’N, the other half of Tag Team. “He looks nothing like Obama. Obama’s head is round. And he’s got big ears. They just got that one frame shot that just looks like him.”

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