Tuesday to Feature Tough Questions for Kagan

Posted June 29, 2010 at 8:05am

Senate Republicans are expected to kick off Tuesday’s Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court hopeful Elena Kagan with a round of tough questions on her handling of military recruitment at Harvard Law School, her views on the First Amendment and her thoughts on campaign finance rules and gun rights.

The Second Amendment — always a hot-button issue during Supreme Court confirmations — took on added importance Monday after the high court ruled that gun ownership is a fundamental right.

Kagan is also expected to come under fire for her defense of the Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission case as solicitor general and her work on campaign finance reform legislation during the Clinton administration.

Kagan, 50, was tapped to replace retiring Justice John Paul Stevens, arguably the most liberal member of the Supreme Court. The Judiciary Committee is expected to spend most of the week questioning her. The full Senate is likely to vote on her confirmation before the August recess.

Judiciary members are also expected to probe Kagan on her views on immigration reform and abortion.