Hill Talk: Capitol Hill Park Is Named for Longtime Resident

Posted July 12, 2010 at 3:08pm

Earlier this month, city officials came together to rename a small Capitol Hill park in honor of Lola Beaver, a former dancer and tailor who ran a shop in the community for years.

“Kudos to all of Lola’s neighbors, including my former chief of staff, Donna Brazile, who organizes our neighborhood when she is not organizing presidential campaigns,” D.C. Del. Eleanor Homes Norton (D) said of the event. “Lola’s neighbors have maintained this park and have received City Council approval to name it after her. Lola’s park, located a block from my home, gives new meaning to the notion of neighborhood park as far as I am concerned.”

Beaver, who died in 2006, was known in the community for her costume shop on the corner of Eighth and A streets Northeast, which opened in 1968 and closed in 2004.

Beaver, who got her start as a dancer during World War II, made costumes for local theater productions, Members of Congress and even presidents.

The park, located at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Ninth Street Southeast, was dedicated on July 5, what would have been Beaver’s 100th birthday. Both Norton and Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells were on hand to honor her.